Mindtemps kunder får, förutom förebyggande stresshantering, stöd för kontinuerligt förbättringsarbete, vilket leder till ökad kvalitet och hållbarhet.

Privacy Policy


  •  Yes, we follow General Data Protection Regulation
  •  Yes, you can delete or export all your data
  •  Yes, your data is protected and encrypted by the latest technology
  •  No, we do not share your personalized data with anyone!
  •  No, your organization cannot see any of your personal data!
  •  Yes, your integrity is sacred to us, you are the only one who can see your data



Agreement: These Terms of Use, other documents and any service-specific terms and conditions which the User and or customer receives from MINDTEMT (MindTemp AB) service constitute the agreement between the parties.

Service: The service provided to them in accordance with the terms of the agreement.
User: A user is a natural person.
Customer: One who pays for the service, normally an organization


MINDTEMP is a tool for health monitoring. The objective is to easily give the user access to the recording, analyzes, visualization and processing of their activities and their wellbeing. On www.mindtemp.com and or “App” connected to www.mindtemp.com, user may register his well-being, stress, sleep, exercise, social activities and other proactive health data on a 5-point scale, through a diary and by entering the reflections of users development.

MINDTEMP analyses, visualizes, and for customers use artificial intelligence on order to forecast and make risk assessment regarding stress related health, User registrations so that the user can see and track their own progress over time and see how user activities interact with the user’s well-being.

To help the user understand how the different activities interact, and what constitutes a healthy life, and to compare their development with others, Users are able to analyze their development with the help of the service.


The service MINDTEMP provides is held in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


The user undertakes to use the service MINDTEMP in accordance with these terms and in accordance with any instructions as shown by MINDTEMP´s website, www.mindtemp.com


MINDTEMP use encryption to secure user data. The user’s username and password are personal and should be kept in a secure manner to prevent unauthorized access by third parties. The user should never use the same password on different sites or logins.


User data and associated intellectual property rights that the user transfers to the service and stores or processes via the service will remain the user´s and may not be used otherwise than as agreed between the parties in this Agreement. MINDTEMP is not responsible for the information and any damage or loss suffered by the user due to delay of information, interruptions or non-delivery of data or the like.


The user’s personal data are handled in order to administer the service on the user’s behalf, in accordance with this Agreement and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR (https://eugdpr.org). The user gives his consent to the user’s personal information to be de-identified so that traceability is not possible, to make the basis for analysis, business and methodological development and for statistical purposes on an aggregated level.

In case a subcontractor is used, MINDTEMP is responsible for these as for its own work, and MINDTEMP must ensure that suppliers to handle personal information in accordance with this Agreement.

Personal data obtained, in connection with the contractual relationship, can be processed both in Sweden and in the EU and outside the EU / EEA area

All appropriate technical and organizational measures will be taken to protect the user’s personal data processed on the user’s behalf under the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties.

Upon termination of the processing of user data, all data containing personal information be destroyed.


In order to enhance and facilitate the user’s use of the Service, cookies will be used. Using cookies, user choice and information that is stored in a file on the user’s computer. Cookies are saved and removed from the user’s computer by the user himself clears the mind of cookies in their browser.


MINDTEMP is responsible for and holds all the rights to use the software to be able to provide service. The user receives no right to any software. The user may not copy or modify programs or allow another person to do this. The user is not entitled to obtain the software source code, nor may investigate, change or modify this.


All information that USER register on MINDTEMP will be treated confidentially. “Confidential Information” means information, including the user’s well-being, stress, sleep, exercise and social activities is not limited to only these but all the data user registers. Privacy does not apply when a party is required by law to disclose information.


The conditions of service are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the user to keep abreast of any changes to the service conditions. The Terms of Service are available on www.mindtemp.com


Party shall be exempt from penalties and other sanctions if the fulfillment of certain commitments prevented or materially adversely affected by circumstances that the party could not reasonably control or predict. As the liberating factor to, inter alia, considered labor conflict, lightning, fire, public authority or other public regulations, errors in another vendor’s delivery such as operation of the facility or operation of networks, or other similar circumstances.

If Contractual performance will essentially be prevented for longer than three months due to circumstances as above, the parties have the right to immediately in writing to terminate the Agreement.


Swedish law shall apply to this Agreement. Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement and any related legal matters shall be settled by the courts.