Mindtemps kunder får, förutom förebyggande stresshantering, stöd för kontinuerligt förbättringsarbete, vilket leder till ökad kvalitet och hållbarhet.

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One simple way to improve your health and cognitive ability

If you knew you could do one thing that would improve your overall health,
your cognitive ability, your relationships and
your job performance – would you do it?

We all have done it, worked through the entire night just to finish some project. As an entrepreneur you can’t avoid it. Late night thinking about next step. You have this important client, a new thing you just have to develop that’s going to create magic. And you don’t get enough sleep.

And one simple way to reduce our creativity and maybe even improve dementia is to sleep less. This is why Why we sleep is such an important book.

Do we need 8 hour sleep – Yes most of us do. During the night our body restocks our immune system (you never have a cold do you?), prevent infections, cleans our brain and sort out all the impressions you had during the day so you can remember them next morning.

In other words – sleep makes you function as a human (or animal actually), its just you can’t see how important sleep is for you. So if you would do just one thing to improve your life, get 8 hours of sleep.

Ohh yes, did I mention sleep is fundamental to manage your stress!