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What is you biggest problem as a manager?

What is your biggest problem as a manager? You are working hard. You are pushing your employees to work hard. Your processes and IT-systems are up to speed, and yet you don’t get the productivity you want. Why? – It’s all about the stress.

Stress make the organization stupid. Robert M. Sapolsky, the worlds learning stress scientist tells you straight up – stress makes you make stupid decisions!

Then you have to reverse those decisions, disrupting the entire production line, re-do previous work, make other re-do their work, delaying the delivery to customers and so on.

Stress is the current leading cause of productivity loss among civil servants such as officials, officers, clerks, computer workers, analysts, managers and other. Britain’s Healthiest Workplace took on this issue and their research – which consisted of monitoring over 32,538 workers across all the UK industries – revealed that both stress and lack of physical activity leads industry to lose as much as 27 days of productivity per each employee, every single year (Reilly, 2016).

Another survey by StressPulse – Cleveland, Ohio – studied 2000 workers nationwide, trying to understand both what causes stress at work, as well as how much productivity is lost because of it. The study showed that 60% of the workers experience high levels of stress, 32% deal with manageable levels of stress and more than 90% are facing stress at least in one way or another. Only 8% of the surveyed workers said they only have very low stress levels. The survey also concluded that stress was causing a third of the employees to lose at least one hour of productivity per day, while 42% said they lost between 15-30 minutes of productivity per day (Perkins, 2016).

Working proactive with stress is the smartest decision you can make

You are loosing between 20-40% of your employer’s productivity due to stress. What if you could reduce the stress level, make smarter decision, get your projects done on time and deliver higher quality to your customers?

Mindtemp helps you work proactive and reduce stress. In our studies we have seen 18% reduction in stress in just 30 days! This leads to improved communication in the group, less friction, less complaints, better collaboration and better productivity with less cost!

If you could reduce stress with 18% for the cost of a coffee – would that be interesting to talk about?

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